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WineIQ Services

Hire WineIQ for any of these services:

• Wine Classes
Bring fun and informative wine classes to your business. Jeff Carroll is an experienced Wine Educator with a growing list of credentials (see About Jeff page for bio). He is experienced teaching classes from Increase Your Wine IQ (his signature class), Wine Basics, or exploring any wine region of the world (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.).

• Guided Wine Tastings
Having a private party or event? Want to make it a fun, informative night for your guests that they’ll remember? Then hire Jeff for a private, in-home event. He can put together a customized itinerary to lead a guided wine tasting or private class to fit your event. Guaranteed to be a good time for all!

• Wine Buyer Consulting (Retail or Restaurant)
Need to update your wine selections to boost sales or just freshen up your offerings? Tap into Jeff’s knowledge of wine and contacts in the industry. Attuned to your needs while taking the burden off your shoulders is the bottom line for Jeff’s approach to wine buyer consulting.

• Wine Collection Sourcing and Services
Are you a private collector, or eager to get started in building your own personal wine cellar? Jeff will help you source the wines of your dreams, help keep you on budget, and show you how to avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls of wine collecting.

Email to discuss your needs. Then I’ll see if I can bring my WineIQ as your solution!

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