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About WineIQ

WineIQ is about wine knowledge, because as out tag line says, “The more you know, the better you drink.”

It started as a class, Develop Your Wine IQ, that I created and teach at Pinot (227 Market Street in Philadelphia, PA). The class is about how to evaluate wine, to choose what we like (and avoid what we don’t like) with ease. Basically, to take some of the mystery out of wine. The best part is that participants get to compare wines through guided tasting, the easiest and most fun way to learn!

As I started to write blog posts for the Pinot wine accessory store web site ( and also publish articles on Wine Life Magazine (, I realized that the sum of these articles furthers the mission of the Wine IQ class. By answering wine questions or writing about wine topics that shed light on the subject, readers can continue to become more knowledgeable wine drinkers.

I also write about the many winery touring options in the region (as part of a larger project to write a guidebook to all 64 wineries that I’ve visited, all within a 65-mile radius of Philly). There is something extremely fun, fulfilling, and yes – educational, about winery touring, even if it’s not California or Oregon.

The best part of this site, I think, is that I can help locate those ‘really good bottles’ that I hope all of my students become interested in. Reviews in magazines or websites of wines that can’t be found aren’t that useful, are they? What’s the point of reading about 20 good wines if you have to work hard to find even one? So the idea here is to create our own reviews, first by my finds of interesting gems and more importantly through your help. With your participation, we can all help each other increase our wine IQ’s, by using this site to alert us to your good finds as well. Just send me an email (the wine, where you found it, price, and why you like it) and I’ll publish your wine pick (and credit you properly, too).

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