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Enhancing My OWN Wine IQ (1 Cork At A Time!)

January 4, 2011

Here’s just a *little something* I popped open on Sunday night. Yeah, it was good!! I was watching a wine instructor’s DVD, just to see how I stack up against someone who has been doing it for far longer than me (I’ll unabashedly state that my WineIQ class is very similar, which I created from my own experience).

Well, after lasting all of about three minutes of watching that video without a glass in my hand, I decided it was finally time to open this bottle that I had been saving for a while. It’s from a good producer, and from a good year for Napa Valley. Though I thought it might be starting to get a little old at 16 years, the wine still had plenty of life. The fruit was a bit diminished, but was still there. The tannins were really smooth and integrated, the acidity made the wine still seem fresh and alive,  and on the whole the wine drank wonderfully!

1994 Duckhorn Merlot

For more on the joys of aged wine, see my earlier posts on the subject (as well as the post on proper storage).

Also, since I just started a 20 week round of wine classes (Unit 3 of the WSET Diploma course), I’ll be sampling lots of wine over the next 5 months, so stay tuned here for more pics, tasting notes and reviews of what we’re sampling. And of course, go pop some corks yourself!


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