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Quick Deal For A Local Winery Tour

October 31, 2010

Here’s a good deal that WineIQ reader Mike Gorman alerted me to, but the caveat is that it won’t last long. Groupon, a website where you sign up for a daily email on a local deal, one per day, that is a discounted item or coupon. The ‘group’ part is that it’s the collective buying power of everyone subscribed that allows the offering business the ability to make the offer.

Today’s deal is a $20 winery tour (including a tasting) at Sand Castle Winery for only $10. But you have to act now before the deal expires, though the coupon for the tasting should be good for some time.

Sand Castle Winery is located in Erwinna, PA, on the Delaware River north of New Hope. The winery is one of the more fun local wineries to visit. It’s big, it’s got pretty views, and the wine is good. Notice I didn’t say that the wine is fantastic, I’ve found that there are other local wineries that are a little better, but they are far from the worst. In short, it’s a good place to go for a fun visit. And you might find a wine that you like, too!

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