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Finding Good Wine (and Good Wine Deals)

September 6, 2010

(A Repost from the Pinot Boutique Blog,

Finding good wine can be fun. It can be a pleasant adventure, or it can be a frustrating exercise that leads nowhere. At its worst, it can lead to a bad bottle of wine. Sometimes just an inside scoop to finding a good bottle is all it takes to make your wine search fruitful, pun intended. I’ll occasionally provide that ‘inside scoop’ in this blog, whenever I find something of note to pass on. Other times we’ll just explore some general wine knowledge, or more specific topics depending on what questions I’m hearing most often. But all designed to help increase your wine IQ!

A really interesting bottle of wine is one with a cool factor. It could be an unusual variety, or hail from a little-known region, or come from a hard-to-find winery that you know or love. While price isn’t always a determining factor for finding a good wine, sometimes a really good bottle does cost more than your average wine. We’ll explore all price ranges here. No need to miss out on good wine just because we think it’s too cheap to be good, or because it costs more than our usual daily sipper.

The economic downturn has led to a selective glut in some wines, especially those in higher price points. Things have been turning around already in this segment (generally regarded as wines that cost above $20), and sales of premium and even ultra-premium wines have been on the rise. But the good news for wine drinkers is that bargains and those ‘cool bottles’ can be found more easily than ever! And some wines in the higher price points may be found in a range more suitable to our own budgets.

I’m always on the lookout for these deals, and I’ll write about them here as I find them. (You can help, too. Email me with your great discoveries. The more eyes we have out there, the savvier we’ll all be in spending our wine dollars.)

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