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September 3, 2010

Thanks for taking a peek here at WineIQ. I truly hope you find something of value in what I have to offer.

If you’re a wine lover, I think you will. If you’re a wine lover in/near Philadelphia, I think you definitely will.

These posts will mostly consist of blog entries and articles that I write for other sites ( and, both of which will tend towards local wine finds, local wineries or events, with some occasional wine knowledge or insights thrown in.

My background: once I discovered my love for wine, I went ‘all in’ & decided to get into the business. I have a few certifications, from the Certified Specialist of Wine to the Advanced Certificate from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. (I’m currently contemplating pushing on into the WSET Diploma course, especially as I recently learned that there are less than 7,500 people world-wide who have earned this.)

I lead a few wine classes at Pinot in Old City, Phila. My favorite is Increase Your Wine IQ where I help put perspective into wine, getting folks to approach wine with some tools to really discover the differences between what they like and what they don’t. The goal is to make it easy for people to choose a wine they’ll like with greater ease than ever. It is this class that led to my developing the Wine IQ blog, to give me another outlet for sharing knowledge that gets us to really good bottles.

Besides teaching these classes, I also have experience in managing a specialty wine shop and selling fine wine for a distributor in New Jersey. Since they have a wonderful portfolio of well-made, delicious wine, I will occasionally introduce some of them here. (Yes, I am biased in favor of them, but I’m not alone in my assessment.) And I will always point out when I’m discussing a wine that I sell.

As I tell my classes when I begin, please ask any questions you have. There is no better way to learn! I’d love to make this an open dialogue, because we all learn from each other. And as the title says, the more we know, the better we drink!

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